Corinne was born in a New York suburb to a working father and a stay at home mother and she has a younger sister.  Throughout her childhood she played soccer, field hockey, danced, and was a girl scout.  Her parents were the soccer coaches of both Corinne and her sister when they were growing up.  Family vacations included going to an area where there was a historical place to visit, an amusement or water park, and other museums.  They were fun and educational.  Corinne played field hockey in college, which was about thirty minutes from her house.  She lived on campus and her parents went to many of her games.

Corinne realized right after college that accounting was not the right career and went back to school to become a physical therapist.  Corinne works in a public hospital system where she feels she can make the most difference.  She helps to improve the function of people who have had bad accidents, strokes, or other serious issues.  Corinne’s favorite part of her job is when patients come back to the hospital to show her how much they have improved and how their life has changed.

Adrienne writes this about Corinne – Corinne is my best friend and we have such a good time together, whether it is hanging out at home in the back yard, playing soccer, geocaching, or going to the most magical place on earth, Disney World.  Corinne is a Physical Therapist in a hospital and works with all sorts of patients, from the very young (new born) to the elderly.  She really enjoys her job and helping her patients improve their quality of life.  Corinne’s number one priority is to get her patients to go home from the hospital and back to their families.  Corinne will bend over backward not only for her patients but for her family and friends.

Corinne has 5 nieces and 4 nephews that she would stop whatever she is doing to take care of them.  She enjoys watching them succeed in their many different activities.  Our friends call Corinne the “baby whisperer”.  She can soothe any crying child to relax or go to sleep.  I call her “useless information”, because she has so much information in her head.  She is the smartest person I have EVER met.  I know that she looks forward to sharing all of the information she has to our child and encouraging them to push themselves to do better and to constantly learn new things.   Corinne is very excited to be a mother and I know that she is going to be the best mother a child could have.

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