Adrienne was born in a New York suburb to a working father and a stay at home mother and she has an older brother. As a child she was involved in a lot of activities including soccer and Irish dancing. Her family would often drive down to the beach to have the dinner that her mom packed up before leaving. This most likely helped to lead to her love of the beach. Her father travelled for business, so she was lucky to be able to tag along during her breaks from school. When she talks about these trips, she talks more about the time she spent with her dad helping him get set up than about what state they were in or what they did. Adrienne went away for college and was on the soccer team. She enjoyed being away to be more independent, but she loved when her dad would arrange his business trips around her soccer games and bring her mom and visit.

After college, Adrienne was an athletic trainer for a high school and middle school. This was a perfect job for her because she loved sports and helping children stay healthy while being active. She was also the biggest supporters of the kids and offered a high five when they won a big game or a supportive pat on the back when they lost. The athletes at her school knew that Adrienne was always there for them. As time went on working at the school, she realized that she could make a bigger impact on more children by becoming a teacher. Adrienne went back to school and got her Master’s in teaching and became a teacher in the same school she had been working at. She is also a coach for three sports and still fills in as an athletic trainer when she is needed.

Corinne writes this about Adrienne – Adrienne is a kid magnet. Whenever we go anywhere that has children there, that is where you will find Adrienne. It could be at a party, a friend’s for dinner, or stopping by someone’s house to drop something off, I would turn around and realize Adrienne had left to play with the kids. When I go to meet friends and their kids, I would get a quick hug and then be asked where is Adrienne? (I was hurt until I found out that these kids do the same to her). Adrienne always remembers things that the children did or like and makes them feel special by mentioning it when they are together. She is one of the most dependable people I know. Friends may text to ask us to take one of their children to an activity and she will always be the first to respond where and when. It is not just because she is helpful but because she truly enjoys spending time with them and watch them grow. Adrienne is amazing when she is packing to go anywhere that we are going. She has everything you could possibly want or need in her bag. We went with our friends and they had forgotten something that the kids wanted, and Adrienne had it in her bag. I can’t wait to see her in action when she gets to be a mom.

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